i am on a mission to use the friendliest ingredients possible. friendly to people, animals, the earth, and your body.
Phrases like “All natural” and “sustainable” and “non GMO” come up. but i want more than just words.

i am always seeking to improve and find the friendliest sources available.
i research every one of my ingredients to find out what really is going in to my products.
i am proud of my ingredients.

if you see something that bothers you, just ask me about it.

i don’t eat anything that i don’t know the contents of. you should not either.
i want all of my ingredients and sources to be openly available at all times.

i will gladly share my complete ingredient lists with you, just ask.


ingredients that i frequently use
-organic coconut oil
-a blend of  whole grain, NON GMO sorghum, arrowroot, tapioca, and organic coconut flours
-organic, vegan, evaporated cane juice
-organic whole fruit and fruit purees
-organic, fresh made fillings
-organic, sustainable (vegan !) , palm shortening
-organic, real, spices and extracts
-certified gluten-free oats
-organic nuts and nut butters
-organic, natural, vegan, whole food colorings (i make these myself)
– vegan chocolates
-organic coconut products including- flaked, shredded, milk, flour, and oils

  • ingredients that i will not ever use
  • wheat or gluten in any form
  • any animal products including..
  • artificial colorings (with the exception of decoration only gum paste decorations)
  • artificial flavorings
  • sugars made with bone char
  • corn syrup
  • hydrogenated oils
  • canola oils
  • GMO ingredients
  • rice flours

disclaimer regarding allergens
whimsy bakery is always Vegan, and dedicated gluten-free. this never changes.

other allergens can be avoided in-house upon request. i am very careful about cross contamination on my end. i have many allergies myself. however..
let me do a little explaining.

gluten is a traceable allergen. it is very easy to find products that are “certified gluten free” that have been lab tested down to the parts per million for traces of gluten.
i can say with confidence that my products are indeed, gluten free.
for every other allergen however, there are not such wonderful testings.
if one of my ingredients was grown in a field that once grew your allergen, was grown next to your allergen, shared farm equipment with your allergen, was stored in a warehouse with your allergen,  processed in a facility with your allergen, or even stored in a plastic container made from your allergen (this happens more often then anyone would like to admit!) , i cannot say with any confidence that my product are “free” of that item. 
there may be traces of who knows what in all my products, that i can do nothing about.
however, this is true of ALL ingredients. even from places that claim they are “free”.

i do know that some of my ingredient manufacturers themselves label “manufactured in a facility that also processes”
corn, soy, tree-nuts and sesame.
there is a possibility that ALL products could contain traces of these ingredients. please use your best judgment.

i recognize the seriousness of food allergies, and will do my best to accommodate you, but i reserve the right to turn you away depending on the severity of your allergy if needed.
please list all known/suspected  allergens and sensitivities at the time of ordering.

and please ask me questions!