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  1. The cinnamon rolls were delicious! I got them while they were still warm and they were so yummy! The texture and sweetness was perfect and I will seek them out again in the future! Thanks, Whimsy bakery, for such delicious alternatives for someone with food allergies to gluten and yeast!

  2. Yes, the chocolate cake is delicious, but only a close second to Whimsy Bakery’s lemon buttercream frosting on lemon cake. Flavor burst of happiness!

  3. Beautiful and delicious! I have tried lots of different kinds of gluten free products over the last several years. Unfortunately I have been mostly disappointed and disheartened by their lack of taste and mostly a terrible texture that I was not used to and did not like a bit. Whimsy bakery gluten free products taste like the real thing but without the gluten. I haven’t had ANY better gluten free product and I am VERY picky and particular. Thank you, Andi. Oh…and they are stunningly beautiful as well. What a beautiful eye and attention to detail. Beautiful and delicious!

  4. I’ve sampled many of the products and can say with confidence that anything Andi bakes is delicious. The best part about these gluten free cakes and cookies is that rather than having two sets of desserts for events, you can just serve Whimsy bakery products! Everyone will enjoy them because they do not taste distinctly ‘gluten free’ as so many gluten free products do. My favorite is the chocolate (just because I like chocolate) but I tried a lime coconut cake yesterday that was delicious – and I don’t typically like coconut!

  5. I really enjoyed my experience at whimsy bakery. One of my favorite desserts from whimsy bakery is the mini vanilla spice cake with cinnamon icing. I highly recommend it.

  6. I had a cake made for a baby shower where the mommy-to-be is lactose intolerant and the daddy-to-be is gluten intolerant. The cake was AMAZING! Everyone loved it and it looked great! There were a lot of people who had never tried anything ‘gluten free’ and they said that they couldn’t tell the difference! Andi is awesome!

  7. The beautiful cake that I ordered for my mother’s birthday was amazing! My whole family agrees, it was the best cake we’ve had. No one could believe it was gluten free and vegan. I loved the details of dragonfly and the gorgeous serving plate. Excellent experience ordering and about place three more orders for upcoming events. Everyone has already asked me to make sure I bring desserts from Whimsy Bakery!

  8. Whimsy cakes are absolutely darling. Andi’s designs were even more precious than I had imagined. Everyone went on and on about how adorable they were at my babies party. Three of my girlfriends have also had Andi make cakes for them and they loved them too. I’m so happy that I found someone to make my cakes for me that are beautiful, gluten free, delicious and affordable.
    What I also love about Andi is that she is very easy to work with. She is prompt with communicating with me and very thorough and detailed with every step of designing and customizing my cakes.

  9. I have used Whimsy Bakery, aka Andi McCord, for several birthday and holiday functions. She has made iced cut-out Christmas cookies, a Texas Sheet Cake, bundt cakes and other cookies for me, all gluten-free (!), and they have all been wonderful. I would highly recommend her baking skills to anyone with an allergy concerned diet or anyone who wants only natural ingredients in their baked goods. Give her a try….you won’t be disappointed.

  10. I won’t purchase a cake or specialty baked good from anyone else now that I’ve found Whimsy Bakery! Andi makes treats that are not only beautiful and delicious, but which I feel good about eating. I found her because I was looking for someone with a dedicated gluten-free kitchen who uses quality products, but what she does is so unique. Her baked goods are absolute works of art and they taste as good as they look. The cakes and cookies that we’ve gotten from her were free of artificial dyes and GMOs, which is very important to me and my family. Andi is wonderful to work with, is full of creative ideas and has such an eye for attention to detail.

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